Making Your Home or Business Rodent-Free

 Rodent Busters can custom design an engineered, integrated rodent management program for your specific rodent problems. Due to our thoroughness we can eliminate and prevent any re infestation from ever occurring again. Rodent Busters directs itself to the continuance of human health, and to provide and maintain a suitable environment in which humankind can live. Treatments are based on the biological and scientific knowledge of maintenance, sanitation and pesticide use. It is designed to achieve the best possible rodent control at the most reasonable cost with the least possible amount of environmental contamination. It is an integrated design of modem rodent management based upon a combination of systems to achieve maximum results. Sanitation and specially formulated products are integrated tools from which the program was born.


RODENT PROOFING - Rodent Busters offers rodent proofing of all accessible pipelines, holes, voids, cracks & crevices which as 1/4 of an inch to 4 inches
where mice can enter.

ENVIRONMENTAL CLEANING & DISINFECTING - To environmentally clean up rodent feces and urine that cause diseases and contamination to one's environment.

PRE-CONSTRUCTION / GUT RENOVATION - We will carry out an initial monitoring and inspection of the premise in order to allow for an objective assessment
of rodent infestation zones and their corresponding population levels. After,monitoring and inspection we will set up a rodent program to be performed while
construction is ongoing. Once construction is finished we can come in and perform a rodent proofing to make sure all pipeline holes, voids,
cracks & crevices are closed.

RODENT BARRIER EQUIPMENT - The benefit of rodent barrier equipment is to set up a rodent defense control system throughout the building.
It is recommended that rodent barrier equipment be installed to get maximum control and prevention over rodents. Bait boxes are a safe and practical
measure and rodent activity can be monitored more accurately with this method. Also, rodents are more attracted to bait that is in closed, confined areas.

Service Guarantees
At Rodent Busters, we stand behind our services. To reassure you, we'll provide you with a one-year guarantee.