Rodent Busters / Pest Management Services has been servicing the industry for over 35 years. We can custom design an engineered, integrated pest management program for your rodent problems. Rodent Busters / Pest Management Services, offers the newest and safest treatments available in the industry today. As protectors of health and property - guardians of the environment - Rodent Busters will generate beneficial economic, ecological, and social directives that will insure the protection of man, his food, and animals from contamination. This responsibility we take very seriously using a knowledgeable selection and use of all rodent control techniques.

Rodent Busters is considered by its customers and by the industry to be a premium rodent control company servicing: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens and Nassau County.

Each of our rodent control technicians are trained professionals, who have the knowledge to handle any possible rodent problems you may have. We service all kinds of commercial and residential buildings, hotels, ships, and any type of structural layout. Rodent Busters can custom design an engineered, integrated rodent management program for your specific rodent problems. We will eliminate and prevent a re-infestation from ever occurring again. It is Important to note that Rodent Busters does not guarantee you will never see another rodent in your establishment again, since rodents can enter at any time in deliveries or through an opening to the outside or by way of ceiling, pipe ways and common wall from other business not treated by Rodent Busters. However, we do guarantee that because of the thoroughness of our service, newly introduced rodents that enter will die without having the opportunity to nest and breed. Rodent Busters is considered by its customers and by the industry to be a premium rodent control company. There is really no comparison to Rodent Busters. We apply constant and consistent pressure, plus a fear of loss to ourselves, with our guarantees.

We are members of the National Pest Control Association and State Pest Control Associations, enabling us to stay up-to-date on all industry changes. Therefore, we can provide you with the most effective and professional rodent control service.

All labor and material will be furnished to provide the most efficient rodent control and maximum safely required by federal, state and city regulations. 

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